Sunday, May 20, 2007

A River Filled With Ink

For the last several years I've hosted a website called Red River Ink, and published a zine called North of New Orleans. Both were intended to let writers from Shreveport reach each other and the community as a whole. Now that I'm leaving Shreveport, it's time to pass those endeavors on to someone else. Because they did bring a lot of people together and make some noise in our literary community.

Thankfully, I found two eager volunteers who are going to do an awesome job of keeping both projects going, and take them in new directions. Everett Webb is turning Red River Ink into Red River Writes, and already has the new site up and running. If you had an old page on RRI, you can check the new site for instructions on submitting updates or new entries.

Get to know your webmaster. Check out Everett's other projects and websites:
TopCat Live
Poet's Registry
Legacy of Shadrack

Pam Raintree of the Fertile Pen Group is taking over NONO, and is ready for your submissions. This issue will focus on religion in the Ark-La-Tex. Now, I happen to know Pam, and we can be fairly certain you don't have to write about how awesome Baptists are. I expect to see her produce an intelligent issue with worship, diversity, and skepticism. Pam's announcement and submission guidelines are pasted below.

I'm really excited to be leaving my hometown and starting a new and very different stretch of my life. But I'm also going to miss the great community we have here. I think Red River Ink and NONO are two of the things I am most proud of having contributed to Shreveport. I hope all of you will support Everett and Pam the way you've supported me.

Don't forget to go check out Red River Writes!


Call For Submissions

The Fertile Pen Group is seeking submissions for
NoNO (North of New Orleans)
Deadline: 15 July 2007
Send by email to:
Include "NoNO" in the subject line

Seeking original writings and/or B&W drawings depicting the cultural aspects of religion in the Ark-La-Tex, as follows: 1 Flash Fiction 100 word limit; 2 General Fiction 700 word limit; 1 Investigative Report 250 word limit; 1 Essay 500 word limit; 1 Anecdotal True Story 750 word limit; 3 Poems 30 line limit; 6 Poems six line limit; 1 Cover Art 4 x 6 format.

Written material should be sent to the editor in the body of an email. Contact the editor prior to sending artwork. Previously published work should be accompanied by the publication information so proper credit can be given. Submission for publication in NoNO constitutes a one-time copyright release for the issue following submission. Two free copies of NoNO will be reserved for each person whose work is published, to be claimed in person. Reserved copies will be held until the next issue is released.

Registration of copyrights is the responsibility of the copyright holder.



sage said...

Where ever you are going, keep your blog at the same place. Suppose most of us could write in a North of NO magazine, but then you define it and that would make me "Really North of New Orleans"

Chairman Galbraith said...

you popped by my blog some time, just read your most recent entry, best of luck with your new endeavors, hope you pass by again :smiley face:

Lx said...

good luck you.