Friday, March 30, 2007


I need to brush up on my French. The French government has made its equivalent of Project Blue Book available online - all their collected UFO sightings and data. Check it out here: GEIPAN

Has anyone got an English mirror of this site? Of course, the French might find such a suggestion kind of insulting. ;) There is a kind of summary site available in English, though: CNES


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Everyone Loves Apple Butter

More scraps. I've had writer's block. I can only deliver bits and pieces.

It's been about 3 days since the city cleared out. At first I was amazed by how quickly everyone jumped ship. But with some thought, I realized these people were frightened even before the tragedy became clearly inevitable. These people needed Big Brother. These people were most comfortable in the flight path of a B-52. Of course their fright materialized so spectacularly when even the illusion of safety shattered above them.

"Aw, kitten," I cooed, picking up the mangy stray on the front porch. She nuzzled me and purred and gave me all that silly happy love kittens are worshipped for.

I needed that comfort all the more as my eyes adjusted to the night.

A hundred cats, at least.

Karma will come back around to you. And she won't be kind to such an unkind bitch. She'll show no compassion, because you've never been compassionate. She'll break you like you've broken so many. And what's really wonderful, what really makes me smile, is that she'll take the form of someone you trust. Someone you're starting to trust. Someone like me.

I heard you weren't feeling well, so I brought you soup, and toast with apple butter. Everyone loves apple butter. Halfway through you started vomiting again. You wanted to be alone. You thought it was just a virus. I'm sure it was. I hugged you, told you to call if you needed anything. I'm such a great friend.

I only wanted to hurt you, and I guess I did. I didn't think about your daughter finding it in the fridge. I should have. Everyone loves apple butter.

And now karma will come looking for me someday. Probably in the form of someone I trust. But at least it won't be you.

Jeff, the ball python, tests his cage every night. As though one night a defect will have magically appeared, and he'll be free to do whatever it is he has in mind.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Calling Area Songwriters!

SWAMP (Red River Singers, Writers and Musicians Partnership) is teaming with BPCC to get local music into the area's growing film industry. If you have quality recordings of your original material and would like to see it on commercials, television shows and in movies, SWAMP wants to meet with you!

The first meeting is Tuesday night (3/13) at the BPCC campus on Texas Street, Bossier City, D Building at 7PM. Check out the Shreveport Times for more details.

Or, check out the article just because I wrote it and you love me.


Friday, March 9, 2007


Literally, a combination of notebook scraps. Not so much a story as prose.

Mary pretended to read the newspaper dispenser while Mae rifled through the garbage can. Or perhaps it was Mary with her hands in the trash. It's no longer clear who is who. Don't you act disgusted. Be classier than that. Nice people can avert their eyes with subtlety.

Mary sang Patsy Cline, just like she did as a little girl, when her mother showed her off like a new doll. A doll that does tricks. Maybe she doesn't even enjoy singing. Could be she's been on the wrong path ever after, still chasing a carrot they've long since stopped dangling.

Mae has meticulous and fully ignored plans for the future. She has never been so tired and hungry and hopeless. Sometimes your blood just gets agitated. Sometimes it wants out. Sometimes you stare at your wrists with your jaw slack and your eyes daydreaming.

Mary and Mae met when they were singing with Fairport Convention. They really used to be something. Don't you be surprised. Be smarter than that. Smart people are never surprised by ill fate.

Mary or Mae holds a stinking prize up to the sunlight. Her companion smiles. Sometimes you have to ignore the stink and accept life's scraps.


Monday, March 5, 2007

UFO sighting?

Could it be true? On his blog, Kevan Smith shares an account related by his friend Richard of a UFO sighting over Shreveport-Bossier last Thursday night into Friday morning.

Triangle Craft Over Shreveport

Now, I ask you, how could I possibly have missed this? I'm shaking with disappointment. Did anyone else hear, or perhaps see anything?


Thursday, March 1, 2007

Five O'Clock Shadow (2)

Five O'Clock Shadow (1)

The sun finally came out, while I had my camera, but the effect has lost a bit of its creepiness. For me, anyway.

Maybe it will percolate into a story after all. But probably not.