Friday, December 7, 2007


Apparently, I'm considered a "paranormal news outlet." This fills my email inbox with all sorts of interesting press releases and promotions.

Crystal Stephens of Electric Artists writes to tell us that the new A&E show, Paranormal State, will premier on December 10th at 10 PM ET. They'll air two cases back to back, featuring a young boy whose story is similar to "The Sixth Sense" and a single mom whose home is haunted by a history of brutal murder.

David M Kriegher writes to announce his website Dark Stories, a collection of true and truish ghost stories presented in both French and English.

Thanks for sending in your paranormal stories. I apologize if your event passed before I got around to sharing it here.

For frequently-updated and all-encompassing paranormal news, try the Debris Field. Lesley has this news outlet thing down.



JaneDoughnut said...

Wow. Check out Paranormal State's spooky advertising technique. Marketers can now put voices directly in your head!

Lesley said...

Thanks for the plug. They will fill your mailbox with those critters. I get a lot that aren't even the least bit paranormal, especially celeb gossip ones and often time those people get pissed that you won't link to them. They all want to be Perez Hilton. :-)

Jason said...

for the theatre has grown dark
the divine hase moved on

What will be done?
What shall we do?
a new institution?
A new regime?
A timed to think?
A real world crisis to behave badc ass upon?

I'll see you later
as my task requires less profilactic displays buut you
you have the world in your palm