Monday, January 21, 2008


Being from the swamplands, I don't dream of basements. It's attics or nothing, I'm afraid. Jung said dreams of attics were for exploring the mind, the past and memory. Dreams of basements were for exploring the subconscious, all the dark and ugly things buried there. I have always jumbled the two together. How sinister are those dusty toys. How curious is my house.

These days I live in an apartment. Only more bodies above and below. My nightmares by necessity invade spaces that don't belong to me. Moving vans come and go. I think we may have the building to ourselves soon.


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Jason said...

hey you, as always in great form! I am looking to move to one of those apts. but still fancying the travel and camping venture (if only these bastards would fix my SUV right!). Walk softly in the attic, there are boards that can be loosened with too hard a step.