Sunday, December 7, 2008

UFO Sighting - Eugene, OR

I find myself fascinated by the supernatural, aliens, and the cultures surrounding them. But never in my life, until this weekend, had I experienced a convincing UFO sighting myself.

Friday night around 10:45 a friend and I were driving down 13th street heading East when he says, "Do you see that orange light?"

"Yes," I say to him, unimpressed. "It's a plane."

"Pull over."

"I am not pulling over to look at a plane."

"Pull. Over."

So I pull over and we get out of the car. At this point we're standing on 13th and Hilyard looking almost directly North, just a tiny bit NNW. There's a bright orange point of light in the sky about halfway between the horizon and zenith. And it's moving, so it's not Jupiter or Venus, but it's moving more slowly than you usually see a plane move. Then again, direction and speed are subject to a lot of illusion at that distance. A plane high in the sky headed directly towards or away from you appears stationary, a plane near the horizon moving directly towards you appears to shoot straight up. So, yeah, I'm still thinking it's a plane.

"Have you ever seen a plane that color?" J asks me. "And planes are supposed to have flashing lights on them."

"Well, maybe it's a satellite." I'm still unimpressed.

We watched it for maybe three or four minutes. Then the orange light starts to blink a little bit. Moving behind some clouds, I think, though at this point I am pushing the bounds of skepticism. Friday was beautiful and clear.

And THEN....

1... 2... 3 points of light separate from this original orange light and start slowly falling towards the horizon. The original point of light disappears entirely and then the three others fall behind the trees and out of our field of vision.

And we both start freaking out, drawing some quizzical looks from other people on the street. And then we called our friends and convinced them we were insane.

Did anyone else see this or have any idea what it might have been? I'm completely dumbfounded.



Regan Lee said...

Darn, I missed it! And I live only about two miles from 13th and Hilyard! Sorry I didn't see anything, but glad you posted about your sighting.

TheTruth said...

holy crap!!!! I'm so glad that somebody is posting something about this. It was something truly amazing to see. I woke up my parents and we watched for about 30 minutes before they stared breaking off from each other. that was a very creepy feeling but very cool at the same time. Anyways i'm glad that i wasnt the only one who say this

Anonymous said...

In June 2006 I was visiting Disneyland (California).I was snapping lots of pictures all over the place. I never noticed that during one of the parades I caught a entire UFO formation of 13 double spheres and one with a group of 4 spheres of light. I ran the pictures through a density filter and they register a real objects flying in formation. Nobody noticed because they were all focused on the parade. This picture is really amazing. I am going to post it in one of my websites as soon as I can.

Alexander Ponce-Bonano
Eugene, Oregon

Anonymous said...

I saw something very similar in Eugene only 2 nights prior on DEC 5th, 2008
An orange light traveling due north, split into 3 smaller orange "lights"...long story short.
Had another great daytime "balloon" sighting about 2 weeks ago.
I'd be interested to hear more if you read this comment