Sunday, February 4, 2007

Five O'Clock Shadow

I was standing outside the store today, between the storefront windows and a pillar. Something about the sun reflecting off the window cast my shadow not once, but twice onto the pillar, at different angles. I jumped when I saw it and checked for someone behind me. I lifted my hand, and watched the shadow on the right do the same, while the shadow on the left only shifted a little. If I can remember my camera tomorrow I'll try to capture this creepy oddity.

If taking a picture of a person can capture their soul, what happens when you photograph your own errant shadows? Let's see, shall we?



Nabeel said...

actually one can see four different shadows of the same object at one time :) .. Isn't science great ?

JaneDoughnut said...

Science is creepy sometimes. :)

I've actually remembered my camera, but the sun keeps forgetting to come out. That's February in Louisiana for you.

Anonymous said...


This is Harry aka Ghost1776 your myspace buddy! We miss you on Myspace! Please come back!

I sent you an email. Tell me how you are doing!



JaneDoughnut said...

Harry!! I sent you an email but I guess you already found me.
I will not come back to MyStalker unless I move and need to keep in touch with folks. I think my health has actually improved. :)

Anonymous said...

jane sorry i did not get back to you sooner. i never got your email or may have deleted it by mistake.

i will send you another email.

glad to read you are feeling better.


aka ghost1776