Wednesday, February 28, 2007


It was nearing the end of the workday in the mall, and the jewelry store girls were leaning over counters, propping feet up on desks and watching the day's last shoppers move like cattle through the sterile corridor in front.

Evan spotted her first, and once they'd all seen her, they couldn't take their eyes off her. The most enormous woman ever to grace the linoleum was swaying through the hall. They tried to turn away, but kept staring in awe at her hamhock thighs, the special suspenders supporting them, the belly hanging a good two feet below where a waist should have been. She moved with an incredible momentum. Karen was certain she would topple over at any moment, and just keep sliding forward on her stomach.

And since they were staring so rudely, none of them missed it when she did fall. She hit the ground so hard that her glass eye popped out of her head and rolled across the floor, coming to rest under a shelf in the leather goods store across the corridor.

Karen jumped up immediately, her pinched face already turning red with suppressed laughter. Her ribs shook and her perfect, skinny ass didn't jiggle at all as she tottered on 4 inch heels towards the back of the store, where she could laugh at the woman less conspicuously.

Geri fell over in her chair and didn't bother hiding her delight. Her laughter looked bizarre and unnatural. She couldn't smile through the Botox. Her cheeks never turned rosy and her eyes only reflected caricatures of feelings.

Evan covered her face with her hands, bony bejeweled fingers creeping into abnormally blonde hair, an eye surrounded by pencil and part of one silicone lip peeking out. "What a fucking freak!" she howled.

"What a freak!"



Becky C. said...

Point well made.

It seems that fat is one of the last things that it is acceptable to openly hate and ridicule.

Last summer I was spending a LONG two weeks with my Mom. She came back from the store and said "There sure were a lot of fat people at the store." And I said Mom, you wouldn't come back and comment on all the black people you saw.

She didn't get the point.

Anonymous said...

How paradoxical. But all those skinny-assed girls do have a tendency to wear fm footwear with a bazillion piercings on every inch of exposed and not-exposed flesh. Thanks for the laugh.