Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Less today than yesterday

The continuing tale of Nica & the Timers

They've decided to wait at Nica and Kemp's apartment for Albert. Alan is coughing. There's a little blood drying around the corners of his mouth. When did this start? Did he get hurt in the alley? Nica doesn't think so.

She washes dishes while she waits. If she's going to die tonight, she wants to leave behind a clean kitchen. She wishes she could wash the tattoo off her hand. It looks darker and malevolent with the steaming water running over it.

Nica was wrong. They do not have a plan. She's hoping she can talk their way out of it, appeal to her father's... humanity. And how human is she? Less today than yesterday.

They only know they will run out of breath. What did they accomplish last time? Widening the circle of wanted and buying time for a drink.

Nica closes her eyes. The running water sounds like sand cascading over her head and filling her ears.


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