Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You will run out of breath

The continuing tale of Nica & the Timers

The tumblers have been drained and the bar abandoned. There's nowhere to hide - you can't hide. Albert, gimp leg and all, knows exactly what you're doing. He can smell the whiskey on your breath from twenty-six hundred miles away. And he's a bit jealous of that, which does nothing for his mood.

The facts are this:
1. You can't beat a Timer.
2. You can kill a Timer, but he'll resurrect himself like Zombie Jesus.
3. You can't hide from a Timer. You can only hope to outrun him for a while.
4. You will run out of breath eventually.
5. You can't beat a Timer.

Albert has learned to walk again. He even fashioned three replacement toes out of rotten meat and paraffin. He may have a crippled human's center of balance, but he has an animal's instinct and the inevitability of the Universe.

Albert's coming for you, sugar.



Anonymous said...

Chilling. And kudos for using Zombie Jesus. Just don't try to say it on TV.


Katie said...

Nice to see you back in action!