Monday, January 15, 2007

Lady in the Corner

Originally posted on 11/24/06

1 - The next table

She sits at her table every Wednesday, has a vegetarian sandwich, and orders coffee for the empty chair across from her. She doesn't seem dangerous, so we don't mind her. She brings character to the cafe. Every cafe needs a crazy lady.

2 - Monica

The waiter here is nuts. Harmless, but nuts. The first time I came here, I ordered the avocado club and a sweet tea. He graciously took my order and turned to the empty chair across from me.

"And for you?"

I was sure I misunderstood. "There's no one meeting me today."

He looked confused. Turned to me. "What about your friend? Won't he be eating?"

Finally I said, "He'll just have coffee."

It's funny. I always figured when I ended up in this kind of situation, I'd be in the waiter's position.

3 - Caleb

Why can't they see me?



Tisha! said...

Oooo ooo ooo I faved your site on technorati, may I also blogroll you so I can easily come visit?

You have a gift for writing Jane!

JaneDoughnut said...

Glad you liked it!

I am all about some shameless self-promotion. Blogroll away. (Do I need to do anything for that?)

Tisha! said...

No no you don't have to do anything luv, thanks for the permission!